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Judi with her Remington 870 Express Hd, Donno with his AK47 SSR 85 C2


Donno: I own guns for the same reason I own fire extinguishers -- while I certainly don't expect or hope for a worst case scenario, should one present itself, I am prepared to take an active role in ensuring that my family survives.... I grew up with guns in the house that were used regularly to put food on our table. I've known gun safety inside and out since I was a child. I'm confident my son will grow up with the same understanding [and] handle them with the same respect and care ... whether he chooses to own guns or not.

Judi: I grew up in the South and I come from a family of hunters. One of my first memories is learning to shoot a gun in my backyard. When I moved to Philadelphia, I quickly realized that I wanted to buy a gun for home defense. The bottom line is if someone is threatening my child or me, I want to be able to protect us. My shotgun will take care of any intruder and I know how to use it.