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Kit with her grandfathers W. Roberts 12 guage, Ivy with her Browing Citori over-and-under


Ivy:  I grew up on a farm, and I can't remember an age when I wasn't around guns. It was always clear to me that I was not to touch one without permission, but I was encouraged to learn to use them, and taught that shooting guns is an acceptable recreational activity. I've never hunted. It would be easier for me to shoot a human being invading my house than it would be to kill an animal whose natural habitat I'd invaded.

Kit: My grandfather gave me my first shotgun when I was eight years old. He taught any of his grandchildren who were willing to learn how to shoot. I don't think that I could ever kill anything but I enjoy shooting at targets Having grown up in Texas in a family where firearms were common, I never considered it out of place to have a gun in the house. I firmly believe that it's every citizen's right to own guns, and their responsibility to treat them with respect. Anything can be dangerous if misused.